Nancy Shewchuk

Nancy Shewchuk

Welcome to 22 Cats-Crossing!

This is our paradise where all animals
and the people who love them are welcome.

We know we are just passing through, so we may as well live our lives
in the best possible place while we're here.

You are invited to walk through the gate…to enjoy the landscape…
to smell the flowers …and to enjoy the company of the residents like me,
one of the many cats who call 22 Cats-Crossing their home!

Hi, I'm Nancy, and this is paradise for me, as well!
I am the happiest when I am in the company of animals.

Many cats and dogs have walked into my life, and a few birds and a horse, as well,
not to forget to mention the wild birds, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, and deer
that stop by to visit and eat what they can find.

Nothing fulfills me as much as feeding, loving, and caring for all animals that
choose to walk through my personal gate… my home... my paradise!

I am devoting this web site to animals and to the people who love them.
I am offering help for animals in need using healing love and prayer, as I have been
a practicing volunteer Spiritual Healer with the Distant Healing Network for 12 years.
It is not only beneficial to those people and pets in need, but extremely rewarding
to me when a person or an animal is being helped.

Details are on the "Healing & Prayer" link.

For some humor, check out the links for "Kitten and Puppy Captions!"

My wish is that you will smile as you recall your special ones
and their often funny faces, wondering what they were or are thinking about!

Click onto the "Image & Song" link for a beautiful experience,
and remember to turn your speakers on!

So do walk through the gate at 22 Cats-Crossing
and experience what our personal paradise has to offer!

Love, Peace, and Blessings,


A Lion Under The Sun

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